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"A must see."

The Good Review

Written by William Shakespeare.
Adapted by Marcus Bazley.

Running time: approximately 90 minutes with no interval.


Cyphers first production. Created in 2014 and rebooted for the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt in 2015.

With his father dead and a weak king in France, Henry V lays claim to the French throne and leads his armies to one of the most unlikely victories in history. 

An intimate, physical and deeply human production, that questions the nature of conflict, the responsibility for war and the concept of heroism.

"The play opens with the actors telling their audience that they cannot do their story justice. The bravery and honesty that this establishes is everything I love about theatre - we see a group of actors as themselves, stripped of character, bear and vulnerable appealing to the audience to help them.


Every audience member knows that what they are seeing is a fleeting illusion but when the play is done well the audience is carried beyond the literal walls of the theatre into the world of the imagination where we can see horses, full fleets crossing the Channel and thousands of soldiers on one of the most famous of medieval battlefields, Agincourt.."

Marcus Bazley, Co-Artistic Director

The Show


Tour Dates


27-31 October, 2015
Northampton, Holy Sepulchre Church
23-25 October, 2015
London, Proud Archivist
8-12 October, 2014
London, Proud Archivist
2 October, 2014
Reading, Reading School



Henry V

Paul Anthoney /
Chris Anderton

Exeter / MacMorris / Orleans / Pistol / Bates

Dylan Lincoln

Westmorland / Scroop / Dauphin / Gower / Alice / Williams

Rupert Sadler

Gloucester / Constable / Jamy / Governor / Isabel

Louise Wilcox

Bedford / Montjoy / Cambridge / Katherine / Court

Carmella Brown /
Victoria Hamblen

Canterbury / Grey / French King / Fluellen / Erpingham / Salisbury


Caitlin Abbott

Associate Designer

John Henderson

Music Associate

Rosie Evans-Hill

Assistant Director

Pavlos Christodoulou

Assistant Director

Cast & Creatives


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