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Approaching The Breach…

With rehearsals for Henry V starting this weekend, we asked the cast how they are feeling as they approach the breach…

Paul Anthoney – Henry V

Paul Anthoney

All in all I’m just looking forward to getting started and tackling each challenge as it comes along head on!

Dylan Lincoln – Exeter, MacMorris, Orleans, Pistol and Bates

Dylan Lincoln

Carmella Brown – Katherine, Bedford, Montjoy, Cambridge and Court

Carmella Brown

Rupert Sadler – Dauphin, Westmorland, Scroop, Gower, Alice and Williams

Rupert Sadler

This will be my first tour, which I am equally nervous as I am excited for; but I am prepared for an intense, rewarding month ahead. And to perform at the Holy Sepulchre in Northampton couldn’t be a better venue for one of Shakespeare’s greatest history plays. The fact that we will be performing on the anniversary of Agincourt is amazing in itself!

Will Holyhead – Fluellen, King of France, Canterbury, Grey, Erpingham and Salisbury

Will Holyhead

Louise Wilcox – Constable of France, Gloucester, Jamy, Governor, Queen Isabel

You are often given the instruction as an actor to ‘raise the

Louise Wilcox

As well as this, there is the added element of playing not only multiple roles, but multiple male roles. I’m looking forward to the vocal and physical challenges this will bring. As a 5ft tall woman, I’m going to be digging into my actor’s toolkit quite a lot, which in this instance may include a sock…


Henry V runs at The Proud Archivist, London from the 23-25 October; and at The Holy Sepulchre, Northampton from the 27-31 October. Tickets are on sale now!

Book for the London dates at: bit.ly/HVLondon Book for the Northampton dates at: bit.ly/HVNorthampton Get 30% off full price tickets by using the promo code ‘Agincourt’ until midnight Sunday! We also have a limited number of 2-for-1 student tickets available for every performance.

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