We are always seeking to make classic literature more engaging and accessible. As such, we offer schools workshops alongside our productions to give students the opportunity to engage actively with literary texts. We believe that by bringing the language, characters and events of a novel to life physically, it provides students with a stronger grasp of the essentials of the story, whilst also helping them to remember key quotations and identify their own critical opinions ready for their exams.



KS3, KS4 or KS5

This workshop is designed to help prepare students for English Literature exams in a fun, engaging and accessible way.

The workshop contains:

- An overview of the narrative, including key plot points and narrative structure

- An exploration of the narrative perspective and how we can assess our first person narrator

- An analysis of key characters and how they develop through the story

- A student led debate on key questions about character, style and narrative

- Quotations that students can draw on in written exams

- An opportunity for students to present their own ideas, supported by evidence from the text.

All our workshops will:

- Include a series of quotations that students can draw on in written exams

- Provide an opportunity for students to present ideas as a group

- Encourage critical thinking, supported by evidence from the text.

Our workshops are led by one of our expert facilitators. Our facilitators are all working theatre professionals with a wealth of experience within creative learning and education. They have worked in primary and secondary schools across the country and with organisations such as: Barbican Centre, Royal Shakespeare Company, West End Stage, West End In Schools, Guildford Shakespeare Company, British Library, Wiltshire Creative, Nuffield Southampton Theatres and Proteus Theatre Company.

If you're interested in any of our workshops then do not hesitate to contact us.

We're also more than happy to design workshops to meet the needs of participants so get in touch and we'll see what we can do!