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Meet the Team – Howard Horner

“I think we can find the really notable works of old a little intimidating, and we can treat them incredibly seriously…all you have to do is enjoy it!”

Howard making an entrance in Northanger Abbey.

What’s your name? Howard Horner

What role(s) do you play in Northanger Abbey? General Tilney, Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Morland.

What’s your favourite scene or moment in the show? Probably the titanic clash between Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Allen.

What have you enjoyed most about making the show? Getting to create the various worlds with the chorus – always really enjoyed that moment of creation, when it all pops into place.

What’s going to surprise people about the show? How funny it is (hopefully!).

Do you have any pre-show rituals? Not particularly, but I always like spending a quiet moment on the stage by myself before it all kicks off, and look at all the seats.

What do you do when you’re not doing theatre? Try and keep myself out of trouble.

What one thing do you hope the audience will take away from this production? How fun and accessible the ‘classics’ can be – sometimes I think we can find the really notable works of old a little intimidating, and we can treat them incredibly seriously. Hopefully this show will remind the audience that this doesn’t need to be the case, and all you have to do is enjoy it!

HOWARD HORNER studied English Literature at UCL, before training at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. For Cyphers: The Three Musketeers (Pleasance). Other theatre includes: The Hunger Artist (Dirty Rascals, Wandsworth Fringe); Fingertips (In The Attic Productions, Edinburgh Festival Fringe); The Fancies Chaste and Noble (Shakespeare’s Globe, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse); The Massacre at Paris (The Dolphin’s Back, The Rose Playhouse).

See Howard in NORTHANGER ABBEY at:

WINCHESTER | Guildhall | 7:30pm, 13 October 2017 | Tickets LONDON | Pleasance | 7:45pm, 28 – 29 November 2017 | Tickets

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