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Meet The Actors – Will Holyhead

What’s your name? My name is Will Holyhead

Will Headshot

How did you come to be a part of Cyphers?  I auditioned for Henry V in 2014

Tell us an interesting/funny fact about yourself: I was once nearly placed under ships arrest for taking too much pepper from the restaurant.

Who is your favourite character that you get to play? It was ‘D’Artagnan in the guise of the Compte de Warde’. Alas, he got cut.

What’s your favourite scene in the play? ‘D’Artagnan in the guise of the Compte do Warde’. Tragic loss.

Who is the funniest cast member?  Everyone is funny in their own way. It would therefore be unfair to pick either of my fellow cast members alone as the second funniest.

If you could swap your other cast members for three famous actors, who would you pick?  I’m not falling into that old trap, thank you!

When you have a 5 minute break in rehearsal, what do you do?  I either eat a sausage roll, or annoy people. Or both if it’s a Wednesday.

Do you have any pre show rituals? Other than the usual warming up, doing a wee-wee, putting on my acting clothes and shoes etc., I am particularly partial to a pre-show-polo or two. I also sometimes check that all of my props are in the right place if I feel like it.

What do you do when you’re not doing theatre? Mostly what I do when I’m doing theatre. Only I don’t get paid for it and people find it more annoying.

What one thing do you hope audience members will take away from this production? I hope they like the flying car and the big explosion at the end…


The Three Musketeers @ The Drayton Arms – Monday 27th June, 8pm.

Tickets can be found here.


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