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Cyphers A Year In

Cyphers has been up and running now for over a year and with lots of exciting plans for the future we thought it was about time we started a blog to give you a bit of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes – quite literally!

It’s been an incredible year for us, with our third production already about to go into full time rehearsals. To think that we will have tackled the works of Shakespeare, Dickens and Chekhov all within twelve months is quite remarkable and I think we have surprised ourselves with the ambition of our projects.

It has also been an important year for us in establishing the type of theatre we want to make and how we want to make it. We feel we have already created a distinctive Cyphers style that will continue to grow and develop over the coming months and years. For me as a director, it has been fantastic to be able to work so closely with one group of actors. It has given me the confidence to be bold and to experiment with techinques and methods over this past year – to give actors increased freedom, allowing the theatre we make to be as alive, reactive and engaging as possible.

Lots more challenges lie ahead for us though. Next year, we will be even more ambitious, as we look to expand. We are already taking an important step in this direction with Pavlos Christodoulou directing our Chekhov Double Bill, marking the first time a director other than myself has directed a Cyphers production. We’re also running a workshop later this month to introduce new actors to our way of working. And, before the year is out, our work will be on the road and even on the radio – more details to follow in the coming weeks.

As one of the reviews for our first show, Henry V, said ‘they have built the platform, now they must capitalise on it.’ We certainly intend to do so!

Marcus J. Bazley, Artistic Director

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