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Confessions of a Costumer…

Cyphers do really fun, fast-paced, high energy work, so the primary function for costume for Three Musketeers is to help quickly establish the characters and their world strongly. I’m keeping costumes reasonably simple so the changes won’t slow down the action, but also giving a touch of period to really draw the audience into the world. The early 17th century is a beautiful time for fashion, and it has very distinctive silhouettes and details to work with. Creating this look from found items and made pieces has b


The original novel is a classic ‘swashbuckler’, and it’s easy to get swept away with the traditionally light-hearted aspects of the grand, romantic adventure D’Artagnan goes on – fighting baddies and wooing girls. This makes for some really fun theatre, but we also wanted to bring out hints of the darker and more realistic elements of intrigue – the cloak and dagger game played out at court, with different factions and hidden influences all dancing round each other. I’m reflecting a little of this in the colour palette and costume choice. Dressing characters you take into consideration a mixture of so many things – social status, where they come from, what they do, but also political and religious allegiances.

Set design will be embracing function over form with some lovely theatrical touches, so the whole performance will have an inn-yard theatre, travelling-players feel. I wanted the set to accommodate Cyphers’ playful and surprising style of working, so it’s more a loose framework for the world, which the characters will fill with detail.

Caitlin Abbott – Designer

Tickets for The Three Musketeers can be found here


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