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Chatting Chekhov: Christopher Anderton

We caught up with Christopher Anderton, who plays Chubukov and Smirnov in our upcoming Chekhov Double Bill at The Proud Archivist.

Christopher Anderton

Christopher Anderton

What are you most looking forward to with these plays? I’m looking forward to taking Chekhov back to its roots and bringing a writer’s work to life whose work can be read as tedious and boring. Also, given that these two shows explore comedy and farce in different ways, I’m excited to discover and explore how these different elements can be brought out in the shows.

Has this project changed your opinion of Chekhov? I think it has. It has introduced me to a much wider variety of his work, from his short stories to his letters and has enlightened me on the way the man himself thought and functioned.

What’s your favourite previous role (or past project)? I would have to say playing Henry V with you guys [October 2014]. It was an amazing role in a brilliant play, with a great cast and a show that I’ll never forget.

What was the last piece of theatre you saw? I went to see Richard II at The Globe. It’s a play I’d never read or seen before and I wasn’t disappointed. Definitely one I’ll be revisiting.

You can see Chris performing in the Chekhov Double Bill at The Proud Archivist, London, N1 5ET from the 4 – 9 August. Tickets are on sale now:


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